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So what’s with the title you ask?  Simply put – 
technology:  a passion of mine, a hobby and a career; expect bulk of this blog to cover technology trends as they apply to the IT services industry.
elevation: I’m CTO of Avanade, which means I spend many hours in the air traveling.  More than likely much of my blogging will happen at 35k feet.  (Given I travel so much, will likely be posts about travel industry, travel gear & tips too)
innovation:  the moment when a problem is solved or something new is created leveraging technology.   this is where the fun happens.  innovate or die. 

What else will you find here?  Being a traveling consultant, it’s important to find hobbies you can enjoy everywhere.  Mine is wine.  So amongst the technology talk and brainstorming, except the occasional wine review.  🙂  

Am I a blog veteran?  No, but am increasingly excited by the medium and using it correctly – advice appreciated. 

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