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India tour March 14, 2006

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On day 2 of my annual tour of our Avanade offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.  Currently in Mumbai, which is truly indescribable if you haven’t been here before.  The size and scale of the infrastructure challenge for a city with this many people is incredible.  Passion of our employees here is fantastic and the cultural focus and support of technology careers is something I’m sure other countries wish they could institutionalize.

Currently reading Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre based on a recommendation for a good read about history of India.  Hard to find domestically and I understand you could buy here for a fraction of the price but I found from a Amazon reseller.  I like reading history and am really enjoying it and for a 24 hr flight, it fills the hours. 

Note for others traveling to Accenture office here – stay at the Renaissance instead of Hyatt or Sheraton, it’s nicer, much closer to the office and I’ve heard cheaper.    Traffic here also exists on a whole other scale so location is key to avoid spending days in taxis. 


Bag addict March 12, 2006

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I admit, I have a problem.  I’m a travel bag addict.  I’ve got an entire closet (no exaggeration) of bags I’ve tried on all my business travel.  But when you’re on the road, that bag is your life, connection home and companion.  Why not have one you love?  This is my current favorite which if you use the Amex Starwood Preferred Guest card you can get for free if you accumulate enough points for a gift card from Nordstrom :) 

blog from above March 12, 2006

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Just had to do this because it’s possible – this blog post brought to you from a wireless connection at 35,000 feet on a Lufthansa 747 somewhere over Iran on the way to India.  Unbelievable. 

ava bloggers March 1, 2006

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I was originally going to try and keep an updated blogroll of all the Avanade bloggers – but really – just register yourself in technorati.  Maybe I’m violating some blog etiquette here, but blogroll link here and in my blogroll should be self maintaining for this if people also tag themselves correctly.  I’d list blogroll entries for the particularly compelling, but pages of blogroll kind of defeats the purpose, no?   My Favorites in IE is pages of uselessness now too – can find most things I need on the fly just by google now.

container tracking mashup March 1, 2006

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I find the mashup trend very compelling.  Certainly given current events in port security and new emerging regulations a mashup between a container API exposed (securely) by shippers and some of the latest and greatest in location/presence technology would certainly be worth something to a number of federal agencies these days.   Wouldn’t you want to know exactly where your container is? 

what’s that all about? March 1, 2006

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So what’s with the title you ask?  Simply put – 
technology:  a passion of mine, a hobby and a career; expect bulk of this blog to cover technology trends as they apply to the IT services industry.
elevation: I’m CTO of Avanade Americas, which means I spend many hours in the air traveling.  More than likely much of my blogging will happen at 35k feet.  (Given I travel so much, will likely be posts about travel industry, travel gear & tips too)
innovation:  the moment when a problem is solved or something new is created leveraging technology.   this is where the fun happens.  innovate or die. 

What else will you find here?  Being a traveling consultant, it’s important to find hobbies you can enjoy everywhere.  Mine is wine.  So amongst the technology talk and brainstorming, expect the occasional wine review.  🙂  

Am I a blog veteran?  No, but am increasingly excited by the medium and using it correctly – advice appreciated.