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SDaaS June 13, 2007

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Finally got my beta invite to BungeeLabs  Wow.  Software Development as a Service reaches another milestone.  Unfortunately no JSON support yet but apparently is coming. 

MS also released the PopFly explorer for VisualStudio – now you can browse and add mashups directly into other projects. 

Once WS-Transactions is widely adopted, and these different hosting providers (EC2, S3, Silverstream) etc provide premium services with a SLA – whole new ballgame in enterprise software development.  Would go a long way if someone like EMC provided on demand hosted storage w/ a SLA as a service.


"Development" will never be the same June 1, 2007

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Pop Fly


Zoho (especially Zoho Creator) 

Amazon S3 (which i think zoho uses) and EC2

combined with all the APIs out there from MS, google, amazon, ebay, salesforce, etc…

building applications for the next generation will (thankfully) be completely different than it is today!  and i suspect the next generation is very very soon…

Read! it’s good for your head. April 27, 2007

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SOA and the Matrix January 22, 2007

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was just a matter of time before someone found a way to put these both in an article:


‘There is no spoon’. 

and why is this any different for SOA? January 22, 2007

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Isn’t this just really the top 5  ways to make any software, or custom services driven solution, a success?


Windows Live Writer Test… August 15, 2006

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Well it’s a little odd…in the editor there’s large night sky graphic behind the title that chews up a bunch of space….so all the text appears down below, unless i put the editor in Normal mode.  WB Editor stil cleaner but as a beta you can certainly see where MS is headed. 

And after publishing one entry you can just keep publishing the same entry over and over.  Would expect to automatically be in ‘New Post..’ mode after publishing.

At first glance editors are very similar although understandably there are quite a few plug-ins for WB and i don’t see any for Live Writer.

blog from above March 12, 2006

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Just had to do this because it’s possible – this blog post brought to you from a wireless connection at 35,000 feet on a Lufthansa 747 somewhere over Iran on the way to India.  Unbelievable. 

what’s that all about? March 1, 2006

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So what’s with the title you ask?  Simply put – 
technology:  a passion of mine, a hobby and a career; expect bulk of this blog to cover technology trends as they apply to the IT services industry.
elevation: I’m CTO of Avanade Americas, which means I spend many hours in the air traveling.  More than likely much of my blogging will happen at 35k feet.  (Given I travel so much, will likely be posts about travel industry, travel gear & tips too)
innovation:  the moment when a problem is solved or something new is created leveraging technology.   this is where the fun happens.  innovate or die. 

What else will you find here?  Being a traveling consultant, it’s important to find hobbies you can enjoy everywhere.  Mine is wine.  So amongst the technology talk and brainstorming, expect the occasional wine review.  🙂  

Am I a blog veteran?  No, but am increasingly excited by the medium and using it correctly – advice appreciated.