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Gadget update…. August 15, 2006

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1.  Purchased the Shure E2c earphones recently – OMG.   And these aren’t even the high end ones.  I listen to music constantly and these literally feel like the music is in your head.  Hearing things in songs I’ve never heard before.  Highly recommended.

2.  After much angst with comcast, upgraded to their 8MB down/768k? up service a whopping $10.  Took a couple days for whatever reason but really humming along now.  Hopefully means I can make voip calls and sync email at the same time – yippee.  [Now if we can just determine why comcast’s DNS servers take a lunch break mid-day couple times a week, would really be set.]

blog from above March 12, 2006

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Just had to do this because it’s possible – this blog post brought to you from a wireless connection at 35,000 feet on a Lufthansa 747 somewhere over Iran on the way to India.  Unbelievable.