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SDaaS June 13, 2007

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Finally got my beta invite to BungeeLabs  Wow.  Software Development as a Service reaches another milestone.  Unfortunately no JSON support yet but apparently is coming. 

MS also released the PopFly explorer for VisualStudio – now you can browse and add mashups directly into other projects. 

Once WS-Transactions is widely adopted, and these different hosting providers (EC2, S3, Silverstream) etc provide premium services with a SLA – whole new ballgame in enterprise software development.  Would go a long way if someone like EMC provided on demand hosted storage w/ a SLA as a service.

"Development" will never be the same June 1, 2007

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Pop Fly


Zoho (especially Zoho Creator) 

Amazon S3 (which i think zoho uses) and EC2

combined with all the APIs out there from MS, google, amazon, ebay, salesforce, etc…

building applications for the next generation will (thankfully) be completely different than it is today!  and i suspect the next generation is very very soon…